Friday, January 22, 2010

Random thoughts on the new year

Did I reach my goal of starting 2010 under 200?  Well, I haven’t weighed myself lately, but I’m going to guess no.  Disheartening as that is, it’s ok.  The timeline was fabricated, as long as I keep striving toward a goal of “healthy” the date itself doesn’t matter.  (sooner is better than later of course, but…)

I spent the last few weeks watching old movies and surf movies.  A few old surf movies thrown in to the mix too.  Reflections on both:

1.    Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.  DAYUM.  I want to look like them.  Curves, hips, boobs, wow.  I could do that.  I have all of those things, just in a bigger package than the bombshells of the past.  I’m guessing they didn’t take the elevator much.   I’ve been working on that, but habits!  Yikes!  I was halfway up to the third floor today when I remembered I wasn’t going to take the box any more.  *sigh*
       Dear Self:  Marilyn didn’t take the elevator.

2.    Surfers are beautiful.  It doesn’t matter if they’re in the Bronzed Buff and Bitchin’ club (as Skindog calls the Strap Crew), healthy people doing what they love are beautiful.  Same with Olympians.  I think they may be on to something.  They probably don’t take the elevator either. DAMN THEM!

So I guess I need to find something I love doing, and do it.  Preferably something exercise-wise.  Hmm.

As a bonus, here are links to the movies I’ve been watching:

How to Marry a Millionaire
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
There’s No Business Like Show Business

The Endless Summer
The Endless Summer 2
Step Into Liquid
Riding Giants